Be a part of our team and help with all  our activities Stem cell therapy is still in a very nascent stage. There is unlimited scope for further advancement. One of our main objectives is to boost research and development in this field, so that many more lives can be renewed and empowered. Contribute funds for new or ongoing research & clinical trials. Set up technology partnerships for research. Provide educational help. Provide training in stem cell research. Research & development to find cures & other treatments Provide  jobs. Provide training in computers and other skills. Every human being has a right as well as responsibility to fend for oneself, to dream of success and to be able to self-motivate. We aspire to help all affected individuals realize these dreams by providing vocational support. Vocational help to facilitate financial independence Stemming Autism…with Hope, Care & Stem Cell Therapy (on stem cell therapy in Autism)  Yes We Can (on Stem Cell therapy in muscular dystrophy) Hope Stems Forever (On Stem Cell therapy in incurable neurological disorders) Documentary Films Distribution of Informative Books, Donation of Wheelchairs Publish of guidebooks on care and management of different diseases such as muscular dystrophy, autism, etc. Workshop on “Care, Management & Treatment for Autism” Copyright © StemCare Foundation, All Rights Reserved Activities Regenerating Lives... +91 9920 200 400 022 25283706