Sponsor medical treatment  Money constraint is biggest obstacle faced by families. At StemCare, we believe that every person must receive the necessary treatment and that money should not be a limiting factor in any way. Hence, we aim to bridge the financial gap by requesting donations. Voluntary Work   At the crux of any organization lies the people that form the organization. They define the underlying goal of the organization and work towards the achievement of these goals. We humbly invite everyone to extend a helping hand and join us in our Endeavour. Donate assistive devices like splints, high boots, T strap, calipers, canes, crutches, scoliosis jacket, etc. Donate a wheelchair Sponsor Stem Cell Treatment Sponsor Neuro Rehabilitation (i.e. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychological counseling, etc) for 3 months/6months/1 year. Sponsor medicine supply after stem cell therapy for 3 months/6months/1 year. Copyright © StemCare Foundation, All Rights Reserved How you can help ? Regenerating Lives... +91 9920 200 400 022 25283706